Summer HIT Workout

These workouts are amazing and very effective full body workouts. All my workouts are complete and if followed correctly are very safe and bring results. Please only follow this at home if you have been to my classes regularly and know how to do all these exercises correctly. Do not follow if you are unfamiliar with my classes, have injuries, are pregnant or are new to exercise.

I am currently on maternity leave but my HIT group classes will be back in September 2018 xx

Below I have listed the HIT section (main section of the workout only). Please use the first 3 tracks below to fully warm up.

You Will Need: Stretchy band, trainers, water. If you don’t have a stretchy band some of the exercises can be done with light hand weights instead. Alternatively, no kit is still effective. Always work with what feels good for your body.

Your warm up should include: arm circles, shoulder rolls, hips rolls, side bends, sun salutations (mobility). Warming up each muscle in your body: gentle squats, lunges, press ups (knees down). Don’t go crazy here. Also get your heart rate up: high knees, heel kicks, jumping jacks. Once you have done all this you are ready for your HIT. If you’re unsure, come to class once I am back and make sure you know what to do here :).

30 seconds cardio
30 seconds Pilates
30 seconds cardio
30 seconds Pilates
30 seconds cardio
30 seconds rest

Repeat for each of the below. Each round is 3 minutes, including the 30 sec rest at the end of each full round.

Curtsy lunge
Shoulder bridge lift

Press ups
Super man arm pulls with band

Double leg squat thrusts
Kick backs in 4 point kneeling

Squat with tricep pull with the band
Bicep curl with a band

Criss cross

Cool Down

Mobility and stretching. Use the last 3 tracks to fully cool down. Recommended exercises are: arm circles, side bends, sun salutations, spine curls. Stretch arms, legs, spine.

Suggested Playlist:

Paradise – George Ezra
Finesse (remix) – Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B
Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man
Move Your Body – Sia (Alan Walker Remix)
You Don’t Know Me – Jax Jones
Sweat – Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta
Let’s Go – Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo
The Greatest – Sia
Bros – Wolf Alice
Say Something – Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton
Pretty Shining People – George Ezra