Get Fit With Home HIT

Enjoy this home HIT Pilates workout. You really can do it anywhere and fit it into the busiest of days and the tightest of spaces. No equipment necessary.

Please include a good warm up that includes: mobility and stretching to increase the range of motion in your joints. Specific exercises to activate the muscles we will be using, for example: squats, press ups, lunges. Also, include something to increase your heart rate such as: light jogging, high knees and heel kicks.

How it works
30 seconds exercise 1
30 seconds exercise 2
30 seconds exercise 1
30 seconds exercise 2
30 seconds exercise 1
Rest 30 seconds
(3 minutes total including the rest)
Then go onto the next round.
(15 minutes total).


Round 1
Exercise 1: Alternate side lunges
Exercise 2: Curl ups and bicycle legs

Round 2
Exercise 1: Plank jacks
Exercise 2: Superman

Round 3
Exercise 1: Squat jumps
Exercise 2: Bridge lifts

Round 4
Exercise 1: Toe touches
Exercise 2: Side hip lifts

Round 5
Exercise 1: Burpees
Exercise 2: Criss Cross

For video demonstration go to Instagram: @Brighton_Pilates

Catch our HIT Class every Wednesday 6pm at Yellowave Club House, Brighton. Book here.


Warm up tracks:
Bros – Wolf Alice
Mountains – Biffy Clyro
Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk

HIT tracks:
I Only Lie When I Love You – Royal Blood
Somebody Told Me – The Killers
Scream & Shout – Will I Am
Sweat – Snoop Dogg and Calvin Harris

Cool Down Tracks:
27 – Passenger
5 Dollars – Christine and the Queens
Universe & U – KT Tunstell