6 Long Haul Travel Tips

On Saturday I am travelling with my partner and young daughter to Mexico. I am used to travelling, as pre-baby I travelled back and forth a lot to LA to visit my partner who lived there at the time, I have also taught on retreats round the world and been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of holidays. Along the way I have picked up some great little in-flight travel essentials that helped me feel just that little bit better. Flying can really take it out of you and this can show in your skin, bloating and sinuses. But, these 6 tips definitely helped and over time with all of these in place I managed to arrive feeling fresher and ready for adventure. How many of these I will be able to cover on a flight with a 9 month old, we shall see, but I sure will try! As for travel tips with a baby… that’s a whole other post…watch this space.

1. Take Comfy Socks

Home comforts are key where possible. On a plane, let’s be honest there aren’t many. However this is one you can definitely do. There is nothing more satisfying at the beginning of a flight than kicking off your shoes and putting on a snuggly pair of socks.

2. Give Yourself A Mid Flight Freshen-Up

The best way to use up those little sample freebies! I always like to freshen up in the flight. My skin gets SO dry on planes. So, I save up my little free samples for plane freshen ups! I also always take my Neal’s Yard Travel Roll On and a tube of toothpaste, again usually a freebie from the dentist!

3. Spiky Ball

I always travel with my spiky ball. It keeps the blood flow going and helps to stop the swelling of your lower legs, feet and ankles. It also helps to ease any muscle aches as a result of sitting too long. It’s perfect post flight too. I just keep this nifty little ball in my bag all holiday long. Who doesn’t love a massage on the go!

4. Don’t Forget Your Eye Mask!

Planes are full of gadgets and gismos and the blue light can drive you a little crazy. Let’s be honest it’s so hard to sleep on planes, but, you can at least get some eye rest. So, I always pack my eye mask to shut out any outside light I feel a need a rest from and try to drift away to some kind of peace and comfort.

5. Water, Water, Water!

Yep, that’s water x 3! I always take 3 big bottles of water on the plane. The biggest I can find past security. Planes, are notorious for drying you out and there’s nothing worse than that coupled with dehydration. So, keep drinking all flight long. The extra toilet trips are good for easing swelling in the legs. Win win I say!

6. Pack Some Essential Oils

I have already mentioned my travel roll on but let me introduce you to the newest member of my travel gang… ‘On Guard Doterra’ roll on. It’s essential oils help to prevent you from picking up any nasty bugs on the plane. Just roll it on your skin and breathe it in. It is also suitable for babies, you just roll it on their feet.