February Top Picks

Pamper Yourself This Month

It’s February, the month of all things love. So why not take some time to pamper yourself. We all need a little pampering at this time of the year. These products will soon lift your mood and make you feel like it’s sunny on the inside even if it is grey and cold outside.

  1. Spa Of The World Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-in-Oil by The Body Shop– £22.00

This oil is so luxurious and leaves your skin so soft and smelling amazing. The cupuaçu nut is the Amazonian secret for nourished skin. Its precious nut oil is poured over fine salt crystals, it leaves your skin smoothed and replenished with oil.I use this and then afterwards I use the Hawaiian Kukui Cream.

2. Almond Oil by Neal’s Yard – £12.00

I discovered this oil being pregnant as I was recommended it to help prevent stretch marks. However, since I discovered it my skin on my hands has really improved and I love it. Perfect to keep your hands soft and for massage, who doesn’t love a massage in the winter! It does smell nutty, as it has no added perfumes so if you don’t like that then this is not for you. It is also really mild and so is perfect for massaging onto little ones after a bath. I am definitely going to use this product on my baby’s skin.

3. De Mamiel Seasonal Facial Oils – from £65.00

These facial oils are amazing. I use the ‘pregnancy oil’ at the moment. It it just perfect for my sensitive skin and it feels like I am giving myself a facial every night. The wonderful thing about these products is they are all completely pure and organic and she has a facial oil for every season! These are to help cope with the seasonal shifts that affect all of us. Full of carefully selected, precious, fragrant essences and skin plumping plant ingredients from the purest natural organic sources, the blends nourish skin, mind and soul to achieve balance and harmony. Seasonal Facial Oils are available at the Solstice or Equinox of each new beginning. I love this brand!

4. Vita Liberata PHenomenal 2-3 week Tan Mousse – £37.50

Because it’s winter and I always feel better with a little bit of a tan. This is just my personal preference and I haven’t done it for ages, so this weekend I will be fake tanning! If I do fake tan, this is my go to product. Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse creates instant colour that develops over four to eight hours, for a subtle, sun-kissed look that lasts two to three weeks. Featuring witch hazel, cucumber, and papaya extracts, this mousse is kind to skin, eliminating toxins, providing hydration, and improving the overall tone and texture of the complexion.

5. Chanel ‘Pirate’ Nail Varnish – £20.00

Nothing lifts your mood like a nice manicure. I love the Chanel colour range and my favourite at this time of the year is ‘Pirate’. A splash of red is just the ticket to lift the grey gloomy days .A long-wear, protective nail polish with lasting shine designed to make vibrant colours dazzle. Long-wearing, extra-fine and ultra-shiny, each coat offers an absolutely even and lacquered result.