Home HIT Workout

Home HIT Workout 

Practice HIT On Your Own

Due to popular demand here is a home HIT workout just for you. These workouts are amazing and very effective full body workouts. All my workouts are complete and if followed correctly are very safe and bring results. Please only follow this at home if you have been to my classes regularly and know how to do all these exercises correctly. Do not follow if you are unfamiliar with my classes, have injuries, are pregnant or are new to exercise. If you would like to join my HIT class you can book online for the following times and locations:

Yellowave (299 Madeira Drive) Wednesdays 7.00-7.45pm
The Studio (39 Whippingham Road) Saturdays 8.15-9.00am

Below I have listed the HIT section (main section of the workout only). Please use the first 3 tracks below to fully warm up.

Your warm up should include: arm circles, shoulder rolls, hips rolls, side bends, sun salutations (mobility). Warming up each muscle in your body: gentle squats, lunges, press ups (knees down). Don’t go crazy here. Also get your heart rate up: high knees, heel kicks, jumping jacks. Once you have done all this you are ready for your HIT. If you unsure, come to class again and make sure you know what to do here :).

30 seconds cardio
30 seconds Pilates
30 seconds cardio
30 seconds Pilates
30 seconds cardio
30 seconds rest

Repeat for each of the below. Each round is 3 minutes, including the rest at the end.

Walk outs

Low skaters
Side leg raises

Alternating lunges
In and out running lunges

Plank (knee to elbow)
Side plank hold

Sumo squat jumps
Criss cross

Cool Down

Mobility and stretching. Use the last 3 tracks to fully cool down. Recommended exercises are: arm circles, side bends, sun salutations, spine curls. Stretch arms, legs, spine.

Suggested Playlist:

Get over it – Lower Than Atlantis
Dynamite – Taio Cruz
Come Get It Bae – Pharrell Williams
Energy (fest Stormzy & Skepta) – Avelino
Pushing On – Jimi Jules & Oliver Dollar
Shine – Booty Luv
She Wants to Move (feat Basement Jaxx) – N.E.R.D
Firestarter – The Prodigy
Learn to Fly – Foofighters
Sundream – Rufus
Crash – Usher

Any questions please email me ellie@brightonpilates.co.uk. Also, to follow this exact workout come to HIT Pilates in January on a Saturday morning as we are doing exactly this :)!