Ellie, Her Healthiest Self

Ellie‘s Healthy Top Tips

I am always on a quest to be the healthiest version of myself. For me, ‘healthy’ is about how I feel over anything else. If I am full of energy, feel strong and free from pain that is me feeling my best and healthy. A healthy mind is a healthy body and so my top tips incorporate things that make me feel good: body, mind and spirit. Below I have listed my top 5s that make me feel my best. Perhaps you might want to give them a try a see if 1,2 or all of them work for you too.

  1. Daily meds. A simple morning routine: warm lemon water and daily meditation. I do a moving meditation (as this works best for me) which is simply 5 sun salutations, holding down dog for 5 breaths. This morning routine takes 5-10 minutes and I do it before anything else and definitely before I scroll my Instagram feed! A good morning routine sets you up for a more productive, positive day.
  2. Non restrictive. I hate to feel confined by food rules and strict exercise plans. Rather I prefer to listen to my body and what it wants on that day. I slip in and out of this (because i’m human), but I find when I truly connect with myself and listen to what my body wants on that day, it is a happier body to live in. The morning meditation really helps with this to connect me to myself for that day. Simple things that I notice my body likes are: mainly meals combining healthy fats and protein. Always protein in every meal. My body also loves a big bowl of pasta after an evening workout. I find this comforting, great re-fuel and it grounds me ready for bed. For me, pasta is delicious and makes me feel happy and cosy. Non restrictive also means for me, not shaming any foods as ‘bad’. Everything is good in moderation.
  3. Rest * Nutrition * Workout. All 3 of these are equally important. For me, if any of them take higher priority over the others then I get all out of sorts and it leads to me not feeling my best. For example, if I over sleep I feel groggy. If I eat badly I get spotty and feel sluggish. If I over train I am knackered. So, even though I am up at 6 everyday, I am to get at least 7 hrs a night. With good rest I make better food choices which leads to me having the fuel and energy to ENJOY my workouts and get the most out of them.
  4. Hydration. I know this one gets thrown around a lot but it’s because being hydrated is SO important. It really is the body’s best medicine. Anyone who knows me knows I am always carrying around a 1.5l bottle of water. This then is the minimum I drink in a day. If you work in an office, try getting a 2l jug of water (pop some lemon, cucumber, lime etc in to make it more exciting) and drink it throughout the day. By the time you leave the office aim to have had it all. Water is the best for keeping you energised, your skin glowing and head clear!
  5. Exercise because you LOVE your body. Choose exercise that you love, because you want to reward your body for all that it does for you. Enjoy exercise that makes you feel uplifted, energised, strong and free. Choose a teacher that you admire that you like to be around and who inspires you. Don’t exercise to out train a bad diet or to punish it for a weekend of abuse that you chose. Treat your body with the love and respect you would treat your best friend. Then feel it blossom and love you back.

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