South African Safari with My Escape

Take a Journey for the Soul with My Escape
14th-22nd November 2014

What better setting for people to recognise their place within the universe and to reconnect with nature than the African wilderness? The combination of an exciting safari adventure with the wellness gained through yoga and meditation offers an incredible holistic experience that is not only good for the soul but also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and others.

At My Escape, their South African trip combines the excitement of game drives and South Africa’s beautiful scenery with Pilates, Yoga and Meditation exercises; rejuvenating the senses and allowing you to get back to nature.

Aside from your daily fix of Meditation, Pilates or Yoga classes you can also enjoy healthy diet, full of cleansing foods and smoothies, guaranteed to revitalise your system. Each morning presents an opportunity to go on interpretive game drives after which you can laze by the pool, absorbing the peace and tranquillity of your beautiful surroundings. You then have the option to indulge in a massage, followed by an afternoon siesta. Your day is completed with Yoga or a thrilling game drive.

A Pilates and Yoga safari has all the elements required for a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing getaway – it combines luxury, memorable life experiences, (like seeing lions on the open plains of Africa), relaxation and time to connect with both yourself and loved ones.

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