Morocco February 2014

We had a wonderful time in Morocco last week. We were treated with some amazing Moroccan cuisine: a huge array of dips, flat breads, olives in all flavours, tagines, rice dishes and lots of beans and chickpeas! As well as this we of course had our daily dose of Yoga and Pilates…practising both of these disciplines everyday is so wonderful for the body and now that we are back, I think everyone’s bodies are missing their daily strengthen, tone and stretch so I do hope everyone is keeping up a little self practice. On the trip we enjoyed some visits to local souks just down the road in Auorir and also not so close, but a beautiful drive away in Essoeira. We stocked up on our Moroccan slippers and also enjoyed buying spices, freshly prepared Moroccan tea and just enjoyed the vibes and hustle and bustle of Moroccan life. The sunsets were beautiful, the water was cold, the surf was amazing with big strong waves adding to the challenge for our beginners. The sun was shining everyday, it was simply wonderful. We can’t wait to go back in 5 weeks – Our next trip is 29th-5th April. If you like the sound of our trip do send me an email now to enquire about spaces and prices.

Phone: 07950 304 071