Big Home Cook Ups For Friends

Big Home Cook Ups

For me, part of the joys of cooking and eatingΒ is the social occasion that comes with it. So, to have a recipe to hand that is not only super quick and easy to make but nutritionally balanced, beautiful to look at and deliciously tasty is very handy. So, add this one to your repertoire and next time you have friends over, give it a try. Serve al fresco with some chilled Sauvignon Blanc and let everyone tuck in and help themselves. If there are any left overs (I doubt there will be with this one – it is great for lunch the next day too).

Serves 4:

Take your time chopping and preparing. This dish is fine served cold and so is perfect if waiting for guests to arrive and for dining outside. I have listed the ingredients in parts.

The veg part:
2 spirallised or grated courgettes
2 spirallised or grated carrots
6 chopped radishes
Tenderstem broccoli (cooked with a crunch)
Chopped red chilli (to taste)
A bunch of spring onions finely sliced

Olive oil
Lemon juice
(all ingredients to taste)

Fry your chopped marinated chicken till cooked through
I marinade my chicken with:

Toast some cashews until brown

Cook 2 bunches of rice noodles to packet instructions.

At the end:

  • Toss all the salad together with the dressing and the rice noodles
  • Top with the toasted chicken and cashew nuts
  • Top with freshly chopped coriander and salt and pepper and another drizzle of olive oil if you like
  • Serve with little side bowls of peanut butter as this makes a delicious side sauce for this dish

Enjoy xx