7 Reasons To Do HIT

7 Reasons Why HIT Is The New It

I have been asked a few times why I have added HIT (high intensity training) training to my Pilates timetable. Whilst Pilates is absolutely fantastic, it doesn’t cater for those whose goal is to lose weight, burn fat or improve their cardiovascular strength. The reason why I love HIT so much is that it doesn’t stress the system. The idea behind HIT is that you don’t have to do it for very long, rather, you do short bursts with maximum effort. So the HIT element of my HIT Pilates workouts only last 15 minutes. So, if you have been spending hours running or spinning or doing full 90 minute gym sessions and aren’t feeling much benefit, perhaps this workout is worth you giving a try. And of course,Β everyone’s maximum effort is different and so, you can take the workout at your own pace. What’s more, this workout is totally safe and we even do a full 10 minute Pilates warm up andΒ at the endΒ we cool down with more Yoga style and Pilates stretches. All this coupled with a brilliant playlist and beach front views, what’s not to love. Why don’t you book a class now, click here.

If you need anymore reasons to try HIT, here are my 7 biggest reasons:

  • The hard work is only 15 minutes. Mentally that helps to know before any workout, so you really do end up pushing yourself for this whole section of the class knowing that it is going to be so short. Also, most people can find 15 minutes in their day somewhere to work out. And, if you do manage it, you will see your fat burning away in no time!
  • You don’t need a gym or any fancy equipment. In fact, once you’ve been to my session a few times you’ll see how easy it is to replicate the workouts yourself at home. All you need is a banging playlist and you’re set.
  • Once you know how, you can do it anywhere. Perfect for those with a jet set lifestyle or a busy work schedule.
  • You’ll be burning fat for hours after you’ve finished as HIT boosts your metabolic rate.
  • The workout can be tailored to your fitness levels and each exercise can be made low or high impact depending on your needs.
  • You honestly feel incredible afterwards, with tonnes of energy. The reason being, your body isn’t stressed or over worked. You have just stressed it for a short burst, meaning that it can recover quickly. Our bodies are clever like that.
  • Afterwards enjoy a carb based meal. Good carbs such as: brown rice or sweet potato are great for refuelling after a workout. Need inspiration of what to cook, why not try my latest home cook up. The rice noodles would be perfect post HIT and the chicken and peanut butter adds a protein packed punch too.