My Travel Top Tips

Beauty Essentials

With the summer holidays in full swing, I thought I would give you my top travel tips to keep you feeling your best all summer long, away from your usual home routine.

So, you love to travel and go to festivals, but, also love to live a healthy balanced lifestyle? The two don’t always go hand in hand. But, why can’t you have both? If you want to find the balance too then this article is a must read for you. With a few little tweaks to your packing and a bit of extra preparation and determination, there is no reason why you can’t return from holiday with a sunkissed glow and still feeling healthy inside and out.

Ok so here are my tips:

  1. Take your own water bottle – Staying hydrated is always key but especially after a very dehydrating plane ride, lots of sun and (ahem) booze on the beach! Having you own bottle and filling it up at every available opportunity will encourage and remind you to drink lots of water.
  2. Adopt a simple go to holiday workout routine – An adaptable ‘go-to’ workout routine that you can do in a hotel room space is essential. Opt for something 30 minutes or less so you actually do it! Why not try my podcast? Click here to enquire. Or perhaps download a fitness app, or buy a health magazine at the airport. Health magazines usually always have a quick HIT workout in them.
  3. Commit to at least one fresh nutritious meal daily – Trying the local delights is of course all part of the holiday experience. But, try to just have one heavy meal per day, then for the rest of the day commit to having a healthful, light meal (like a colourful salad). Finally opt for a vegetarian meal as these tend to be lighter. Oh and go for grilled dishes rather than fried when possible.
  4. Keep healthy snacks handy – While keeping a snack handy is generally good advice even when at home, this is particularly crucial during traveling as you’ll often be on the go and walking more than usual. There’s nothing worse than getting hangry on holiday! Food is one of the greatest ways to enjoy a new city, peruse the local offerings on your first day to get a better sense of the place you’re in.
  5. Stick to your usual beauty routine (see my top picks in the photo above) – Staying healthy while traveling isn’t just about eating well and getting in the occasional workout. Little things like skincare routine and mental health should all be considered too. Be sure to pack your usual routine essentials and on long flights take little travel bottles so you arriving feeling fresh and ready to go! No time wasted!
  6. Ditch the guilt and enjoy the sunshine – There is nothing worse than feeling guilty after chowing down on an American doughnut, Greek baklava or Italian creamy gelato! If you choose to have it, do so enjoy and savour every last bite. Life is about balance; approach eating with the goal of wellness, enjoyment, non-judgement, and nourishment in mind. When on holiday, say yes to the salad AND doughnuts I say!